4 X 6 Mitred Picture Frame


4 X 6 mitered picture frame

A 100% handmade wooden premium pine and oak ply picture frame. This frame is for 4R 4x 6 sized pictures.

The frame features mitered spline joints that greatly increase durability and stability. Made of 100% real wood, no MDF was used in construction, frames of a lower quality are made of MDF and will warp and bend over time. The back is held in with zinc-coated frame stays. All components fit tightly and securely. This frame will last generations.

Does not include the art in the pictures.

100% Premium pine frame
Plastic front
Plywood backing and stand
Mitered spline joints
Size: Outside – 12.8cm x 17.6cm, Inside – 157mm x 105mm
100% Handmade
Brand: E ∞ J Woodhouse
Made in Australia


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