About our repairs

In every step, quality is never an afterthought, from the very beginning of the journey to the delivery of the final product.

E ∞ J Woodhouse Furniture Restorations & Repairs is a Sydney-based repair shop. We specialize in all things wood. Below you will find a gallery of some of the works we have done over the years with a bit of backstory to show you the journey of restoration and learn more about our repairs

  • Queen Anne chair repair about our repairs
  • about our repairs
  • about our repairs
  • about our repairs
  • about our repairs

The picture above is a Queen Anne Style chair. It had a nasty break to one of its four legs with the original piece missing. The repair consisted of fashioning a new piece which was sculpted and re-stained to match the surrounding area. The full video is available on Youtube. I chose a nice-looking hardwood as a replacement, as it would have to bear the weight of the dowel support. It was then glued and sculpted. I like to use Titebond 2 for most structural fixes, it’s a very high-quality PVA glue that I’ve never had any issues with.

After the sculpting, it was onto gluing the broken leg back on and then re-drilling the dowel support which went smoothly. Rather than using the original pine dowels, I replaced them with oak dowels which should give it more strength. Occasionally you will find that some angles are hard to clamp down to achieve nice pressure on the joint, however, the clamp managed to wedge itself under the support block making for a very tight clamp. For the stain, I used Feast Watsons traditional oil-based mixing of equal parts Mahogany and Jarrah. After that, I applied Cabots water-based satin varnish to seal the stain and protect the wood.

  • Teak veneer refinish wax
  • Teak veneer refinish
  • Teak veneer dinning table
  • about our repairs dinning table refinish

This is a Teak Venner convertible table, when it first came in it had lots of scratches and dings on it. The table was to be re-finished with an oil and wax finish. The full video is available on Youtube. This was quite a large table just over 2 meters when fully extended. I had to work on this on my sheltered outside platform which is fantastic for working with large pieces and painting. I started with a flat sanding pad using an 80grit sheet. When working with veneer you have to be very careful not to poke through it, especially with sanding. I also utilized my set of scrapers with this table near the end as it leaves a beautiful finish and removes coarse sanding marks as well.

I wanted to get out as many scratches and dings as I could as it would improve the overall appearance of the final finish. By using the sanding block it assures that there are no low spots on the wood. It’s very tempting to just sand only the scratches, however, this would leave you with noticeable low spots. After working through the grits most of the imperfections were gone. I sanded up to 800 to achieve a silky smooth finish. I finished this with hard wax oil and wax. Hard wax oils can take a while to dry so I left it for 3 days and then applied the final wax finish.

This is an embroidered teddy bear toy box. The toy box had suffered major structural damage to the lid caused by someone sitting on it. The owner wanted the lid to be fixed and painted white. The full video is available on Youtube. I started by removing the hardware and the front logo, it was held in by two brass nails. After that, I cleaned the entire toybox with some soap and coarse steel wool as it’s very important to get all of the old dirt and dust off prior to painting.

I did a lot of filling inside and out as it would improve the final paint finish. Removing the embroidery took a fair bit of effort and time. Most upholstery designs with an outside trim are layered with staples. This one was no exception and was hiding a horde of staples that all had to be removed one by one. After removing the embroidery gave it a cold handwashing that greatly improved the appearance and removed some of the yellowness from the fabric.

Replacing the broken plywood sheet was also very challenging, I used a ton of nails and clamps to conform the plywood to its new curved shape. After all of the foundational work was complete I could move on to painting. I used my Wagner spray gun as it does a fantastic job of leaving a very nice spray finish. It took two coats of primer and a top coat of flat white to finish the job. I also added a layer of clear varnish to protect the paint and seal everything in. I really enjoyed restoring this toy box, it was made well and the embroidered design was quite charming.

E ∞ J Woodhouse Restorations & Repairs

E ∞ J Woodhouse was started in an effort to do better. Here you will find the spirit of the woodworking craft, with quality restorations & repairs that will last. Every repair is done by hand in one shop. Quality woodworking should not be a thing of the past, so we treat every piece as if it were our own. The picture below is the main shop workbench which has seen countless projects to completion. If you’re thinking about having your furniture restored contact us today for your free quote.